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VOICE/SMS PORTAL CREATOR Joomla voice and SMS Component

FeaturesThe features of Voice/SMS Portal Creator

Introducing the ultimate Joomla Voice and SMS Portal Creator for Bulk SMS and RoboCall

A Joomla Extension that converts any Joomla Installation into Voice and SMS Portal website. Joomla Voice and SMS Portal Creator is an Advanced Bulk Voice and SMS Portal Creator for Online Bulk SMS and Voice Blast Business. It comes with rich features which includes; user's Management, Voice Recorder, Text-to-Speech, MP3/WAV Converter, PhoneBook Management, Billing System, Multiple Online Payment Integration, Network routing, Reports and Chart etc. It is easy to install and use. No Programming skill needed. VoiceSMS Portal Creator supports every Major HTTP SMS Gateway in the world!, HTTP POST or GET (with file URL), Text-To-Speech, MP3 or WAV, we got you covered.
No Programming Skill required

VoiceSMS Portal Creator is built for Reliability, Speed and Performance.
It works with Joomla 2.5x, 3.x.


Network Routing feature enables the use of Multiple SMS/Voice Gateway simultaneously. You can set a Particular telecomm network or any Country Code to pass through any preset Gateway. This rule can be applied to unlimited Number of Networks or countries, thereby giving you the freedom to send SMS/Voice to any network or country through the best route. All other network not assigned to any gateway uses the default gateway.

Voice/SMS Messaging

  • High Quality Flash Based Voice Recorder to record voice messages. Efficient means for Voice Campaign, Voice Messages are Recorded and sent from the same Platform, no extra software required
  • VoiceSMS Portal Creator includes Text-to-Speech capability. A Reader which converts written Text to Speech with natural sounding voices. This produces Premium Quality Audio
  • MP3 or WAV Pre Recorded Voice Campaign can be uploaded
  • Users can upload voice messages in MP3 or WAV format. The MP3 or WAV file will to WAV or MP3 respectively as required by your gateway
  • Splitting of messages into pages if it exceeds maximum set by admin
  • Filter out any banned words in messages
  • Block any message with Sender Id banned by admin from being sent.
  • Dynamic Sender ID
  • Multiple recipients source, from address book, text or csv file, and text area
  • Upload Contact with names and numbers
  • Upload recipients from text files or csv
  • Send Messages to contact group selection on compose page
  • Select groups from address book while sending message
  • Accept recipient numbers and names
  • Load message from draft or enter a new message
  • Automatic Removal of duplicate numbers from recipients before sending voice blast and sms
  • Automatic Removal of invalid numbers from recipients before sending voice blast and sms
  • Formats phone numbers to international format e.g formats 08012345678 to 2348012345678 and +49876501234567 to 49876501234567
  • Excellent search tables for sent messages by username, sender ID, message content, status, date e.t.c
  • Cancel and delete pending and scheduled messages
  • Resend already sent messages
  • View, edit or delete draft messages
  • Automatic cost calculation for credit orders
  • Admin can have extra message appended to all outgoing SMS messages
  • Notify member of insufficient credits where required credit exceeds remaining balance


  • Members can transfer credit units to one another
  • Set up prices for different volume of credit units
  • Approve or cancel a credit request
  • View, edit or delete transaction logs
  • Online payment through multiple gateways
  • Comprehensive transaction log

Address Book

  • Members can upload phone numbers and name from a csv/txt file
  • Create unlimited contact group
  • Delete group and all its contact or delete contacts individually
  • View, edit or delete contact list
  • Admin can download all saved contact


  • Generate and sell credit vouchers
  • Members can load, sell or transfer vouchers

Reports and Chart

  • Get a graphic view of portal Report
  • Number of Users, Users total credit balance
  • Number of scheduled, sent and pending messages
  • Monthly graph of all sent messages


  • Support HTTP POST or HTTP GET(with file ule) API for Voice broadcast
  • Set File Format (MP3/WAV) as required by your gateway
  • Add Unlimited number of APIs
  • Route different telecom networks or country codes through different API
  • One click option to change default API
  • Set different prices for different network
  • Get your own API to give your resellers
  • Reseller API to check balance, send sms, send Voice Broadcast, check message status

Online Payment

  • Multiple Payment gateway integrated for online purchase of credit
  • Support for Multiple currency, Up to date currency rate
  • Accept paypal, Google checkout, 2checkout, Payza, GTpay, Vougepay and SimplePay
  • Additional Gateway can be added upon request (for a little price)


  • Update notification
  • One click Joomla Update
  • Alternative Manual Update
  • One year free Update


  • Set Free Unit For New Members
  • Set Character Per Page for SMS Messages
  • Set Sound Duration Per Page for Voice Messages
  • Set Default cost per SMS and Voice Messages
  • Set Banned Sender IDs, Banned Words in SMS, and Extra Message

Front end Article

  • Option to write additional article that will be display on Portal Pages
  • Article can be information about Payment through bank


  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5.xx and 3.xx

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